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Hey Ladies… This is the male model who will be participating in my 2012 Calendar Photoshoot. He’s a Gemini born on June 12th raised in Brooklyn, NY.

Gemini Characteristics: Posses strong communicational skills. Gemini’s positive traits are; Adaptable, versatile, witty, intellectual and lively. Their negative traits are; nervous, tense, inconsistent, cunning and inquisitive.

Lucky Number* 5

Lucky Color* yellow

Lucky Flower* The Lily

Lucky Gemstone* Jade & Topaz

Lucky Day* Wednesday

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Foxy Brown


Foxy Brown an American rapper & Jamaican reggae singer was born in Brookyln on September 6,1978. Throughout her career, Foxy has held an extensive arrest record and served some jail time. In 2005, Brown returned to the label in January of 2005 after Jay Z signed her back to begin Black Roses. In December of 2005 she began suffering from hearing loss, which put her career off until the following summer, a few months after surgery. Foxy dropped an original mixtape after being released in May of 2008. Find out more about Foxy Brown in later post…


Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj




Lil Kim
Brooklyn rapper, singer and actress Kimberly Denise Jones also known as Lil Kim was born July 11, 1975. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Kimberly was influenced by rapper Notorious B.I.G. and began her career in 1995 with Junior M.A.F.I.A. Lil Kim said in recent interviews that she would be willing to collaborate with Young Money artist Nicki Minaj. Kim has recently come out with her newest debut album “Black Friday.” Lil Kim can be followed on twitter at

Nicki Minaj
This Queens hip hop artist, rapper, singer and songwriter goes by the name of Onika Tanya Maraj also known by her stage name Nicki Minaj. She is from Trinidad and was born on December 8, 1984. She has been fulfilling her dream by signing with Young Money and then Cash Money. Minaj has been in the game since 2004- Present. She currently just released her album “Pink Friday.” Nicki Minaj can be followed on twitter at