Welcome to iFetish_Millions Blog . I am XXXotic Beauty (also known as) first lady of T.T.G and I go by the name of Certified T. I am a cancer, born July 11, 1990. I’m young, independent and about my Fetti. I’m a full time Mother and my interests are writing music and modeling. I currently have 35 tattoos and count on getting many more.


Music is My Life…

I was inspired to rap by uptown rapper Hustle Belvy, twitter page @datboybelvy. I met him in February of 2010. It started out as a crazy crush and turned into a lifetime Genuine Friendship, and he’s been my mentor as well as a good friend whose always stuck by my side.
On the other hand, T.T.G. is a group of people who are strong willed and have a care for others. We are not a team, we are a family. Our main focus is Music, Progress and Success. T.T.G stands for They Trap Good… They Talk Green… They Trust God… Made up of alot of dedicated people who care about money and love to make progress.


Object of my site…

I created this blog page to use for promotions. I love to help people so this page was designed to promote rappers, aspiring models, singers, jobs, fashion, sneakers, shoes, celebrities and myself. Im not intimidated by anyone and I will continue to progress in my life and hopefully this is a start to one day creating my own official website…


-XXXotic_Beauty <;3


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